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Finding a personal fitness trainer in Abu Dhabi is simple nowadays. But, finding the right one FOR YOU can be complicated. Here’s how we stand out.

Every business begins and revolves around people and people are at the core of everything we do. For this reason, we have adopted honesty, diligence, and commitment as our core values when working with clients. As a company, we are exceptionally proud of our simple, yet effective approach to fitness.

At Fit Novelty, we don’t pretend to have a magic pill that melts away excess weight. Instead, we start each process with a casual conversation. Our priority is to understand what you as the client wants, and only then do we get to work.


This is our main goal: we help clients build muscle, lose weight, improve their health and looks with minimum efforts

Building your confidence

We emphasize helping you achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing your personal life.

Saving your efforts

We believe you should do more with less. As a result, we focus on offering Home Personal Trainer and Nutritionist services.

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    What’s the best part about working (out) with us? We build health and fitness in the long term, rather than providing overnight, short-lasting results

    – FitNovelty Team

    Our Mission

    We believe that fitness should enhance your life, and that’s what we are here to do. Our approach to helping clients focuses on a healthy, sustainable, enjoyable, and individual approach. Everybody can lose 5 or 10 kilograms in 1-2 months on a strict diet, with high-intensity training and lots of cardio, but how long can you follow it? Rather than putting clients on a rigorous regimen, we implement new habits that over time become part of your daily routine.

    Like this, you can have great results, and more importantly, you can maintain your lifestyle, without being hungry and tired all the time, and having that feeling that you are sacrificing so much to reach your fitness goal. 

    Let us show you how you can become the best possible version of yourself. Your body, mind, and health will thank you for it.

    How Does Fit Novelty Personal Fitness Coach Help Clients?

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    Whether your goal is to transform your body, look and feel better, or perform optimally in your everyday life, we here at Fit Novelty welcome you.

    We love people’s energy and for us, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing clients working with us to build better futures. We invite you to reach out right away and book your FREE workout session and consultation.

    We stand by our word and never make promises we can’t keep. Fit Novelty is already home to clients of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, and we invite you to put our core values to the test. 

    We guarantee we can find the right personal trainer/nutrition coach at Fit Novelty for you. What’s more, it’s our pleasure to put our knowledge at your service. Book your FREE session today!


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