How to Choose the Best Personal Fitness Trainer for You?

So you have chosen to take charge of your fitness? But you are worried that you will lose motivation yet again? Well, a personal trainer is your solution! In this article we have compiled a list of all the benefits that you can enjoy when you hire the best personal fitness trainer. Along with that, we will help you with the factors that you must consider while choosing a personal trainer.

Benefits of a Best Personal Trainer


Professional trainers are “professional” for a reason. With their level of expertise, they can guide you towards your fitness journey in the best way possible. A qualified personal trainer is the expert you need to provide you tailored advice and exercises, whether your goal is to:

  • Transform your body
  • Improve your sporting game
  • Charge up your training
  • Maximize your time and effort

The benefits of personal training and expert advice are unquestionably important if you’re:

  • Suffering or recovering from an injury
  • Working out during pregnancy
  • Getting back to exercising post natal
  • New to the fitness world


As different as two people can be, their bodies differ greatly too. With different bodies, the training everybody requires can be different too. Everyone’s goals differ which is why if you take two people and do the same online program you will likely get different results.
Investing in a personal trainer means you get:

  • Personalised training
  • Encouragement and guidance on how to try new movements, and workouts
  • A wider variety of exercise in your training routine
  • Genuine care about your well-being

Safe and suitable programming is one of the top benefits of personal training and particularly important if you have any contraindications to exercise, injuries, pre/post natal or post menopausal.


Consistency and dedication is very important to see any results. A personal trainer will keep you accountable and push your workouts to the next level while providing motivation throughout each session and the duration of your program.


It can be easy to fall into the same workout habits and eventually get bored with your workout routine. In addition to affecting your mood and motivation, this is a common cause of training plateau and you may be left wondering why you’re not seeing results from working out.

With their professional approach, personal fitness trainers are known for their regimen and knowledge. They know and understand that workout programs only work when executed with a daily consistency. 


Physical trainers also conduct tests to understand what program would work the best for you. Need- based analyses are done to realise and create tailor made plans to fit you and your routines. Most of the time, people tend to leave their workout regimens because of other commitments. Daily routines like work, family, resting usually gets in the way of daily workouts. Physical trainers would recommend a training program based on your needs.  

These workout programs not only increase efficiency of your workouts, but also make sure that you stick to your workouts. Thus you achieve the most results from the time you utilise in your workouts. Effective workouts with a personal trainer will make sure you’ll have time for other important things in your life.


best personal fitness trainer
One of the perhaps less known benefits of personal training is that it’s much more than fitness. Personal trainers act as unofficial therapists and can provide a great source of connection. Sure, they’ll help you reach your fitness goals but they also care about your well-being and can assist in improving not only your physical, but mental health.


A good and the best fitness personal trainer is also results focused. Making constant progressions in different aspects of your fitness journey is rewarding and highly motivating. Many great trainers also provide information, tools and resources on your nutrition and lifestyle habits to maximize your results. That is something you can take with you and incorporate in your journey to healthy, active living in the long term.


How to choose the Best Personal fitness trainer

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of getting a personal fitness trainer, choosing the best personal fitness trainer is the next step. This decision can prove instrumental for one’s physical health in the long term. Apart from that, one would want to make sure that their investment in hiring a personal trainer is worth the money. Here are some factors that you must consider when choosing a personal fitness trainer:  

1. Credential

The best fitness personal trainer MUST have a fitness certification in their particular area of expertise. To become certified, personal trainers must pass an exam through accredited organizations such as Reps UAE. This ensures they’ve met certain standards of professionalism and competence from a trustworthy organization.

2. Experience

A trainer must have enough experience to prove their worth. An experienced trainer knows how different people react to different fitness programs. They have often perfected their process for providing the best cues to help you get the most out of every single rep. So unless you’re okay with playing guinea pig, it might be best to resist the urge to cut a deal with a freshly-certified trainer in favor of one who has some previous experience.

3. Personality

Some people do well with positive reinforcement peppered with cheerleading, while others like to get screamed at and scared into doing a few extra squats. Either way, talk to the trainer and get a feel for her style to see if it jives with what works for you.

4. Philosophy

This is a subtle — yet critical — point of differentiation because it can end up making or breaking your experience. How does the trainer develop his program, and on what beliefs will it be based? Is it gym-based workouts or meant to be done outside? Will you be using machines or sticking solely to free weights? Ask about philosophy and see if it makes sense for your goals and preferences.

5. Specialties

Ever heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none?” Well, if you’re looking for something specific — say, hitting a new 5k PR — you’ll want to work with a trainer who specializes in running. Not only will they have more expertise in your desired area, but chances are she’ll be more passionate about it if she knows the nuances of the sport as well as the difficulties associated.

6. Cost

Just as experience, personality and philosophy can range vastly between trainers so can their hourly rate, depending on certifications, specialty and location (sometimes as much as hundreds of dollars). So before you begin your hunt, sit down and think about your budget. And if hourly solo sessions are currently beyond your means, don’t despair; some trainers offer semi-private sessions or a discount for buying in bulk.

7. Availability

Because consistency is key when working with a trainer, it’s a good idea to inquire about his schedule. How many clients does he currently have — e.g., is he booked solid without much wiggle room? Does he like to book them at the same time each week, or is it more of a floating schedule that changes regularly? 

8. Location

This is another area of personal preference, so consider your habits and tendencies carefully. Are you willing to drive 20 minutes across town, or do you need something within walking distance to stay motivated? And where do you like to train? Some people get inspired by seeing others in a traditional gym setting, others like the one-on-one approach of a fitness studio, and others prefer to work out in the privacy of their own home. The good news is that there’s a trainer for every type of location!

9. Progress

In addition to a personalized training program based on your goals and fitness level, your trainer needs a method for tracking your progress so you can see, incrementally, that your hard work is paying off. Benchmarks such as PRs, weight loss, strength gains and other achievements can help you not only stay on track, but also ensure that your trainer is doing her job.


The best personal trainer can help a lot when it comes to adopting and maintaining a healthy, consistent fitness routine. We must remember that good routines can be set and maintained best with a personal trainer near me. These above mentioned benefits and tips will go a long way in helping you make the right choice.