Workout programs and nutrition plans designed specifically for your fitness goals

We can design a program that you can do on your own. With check-ins 2x per month, we make sure that you stay on track with small, smart adjustments, assuring continuous progress.

If you prefer to workout alone, but with the guidance of a professional, or you are looking for a more economical approach, this might be the right option for you.

All our training sessions can be conducted indoor or outdoor, at a location that suits YOU.


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    What’s Included in our Custom Workout & Nutrition Packages?

    FREE First Session

    Let us find the right approach towards your goals by assessing your fitness. The first session is on us. You can book by Calling/Whatsapp +971561825201, or by filling up the form.

    Dedicated Trainers

    Our trainers are experienced, motivated, and ready to support you in your goal. We are looking forward to being part of your fitness journey! It is our honor to guide you towards success.

    FREE Action Plan Consultation

    We like to sit with our clients and get to know them better. Here is all about you! Your coach will create an action plan tailored to your needs, and results will follow before you know it.

    Custom Nutrition Plan

    In addition to individually created exercises, in Fit Novelty, you also get a custom meal plan that will get you faster to your fitness goals.

    Custom Workouts
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    Get Started

    What to know for your first Personal Training session

    If your goal is to adequately train, you must follow specific exercise programs. Each program, including training, and nutrition program is tailored to your needs and abilities. On all our Free first sessions we do a Free consultation as well, where the trainer gets to know more about your fitness goals, abilities, lifestyle, and previous experience.  

    What to prepare for the class

    • Water bottle
    • Towel
    • Comfortable clothes
    • Yoga mat